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The Smile University is an online educational platform with easy to follow, relevant and relatable courses that transforms your life.

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An invite-only wellness university.

    What will you learn at The Smile University?

    Courses will include:

    • Mindset
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Financial Wellness
    • Career Growth
    • Productivity
    • Business
    • and more…

    We take a community approach to learning and will offer online classes, on-demand workshops, live masterminds, and a community feature to connect with others on your transformative journey.

    The Smile University is brought to you by Jason Vitug.

    Jason Vitug is a writer and speaker specializing in the human condition and intentional transformations to become the very best versions of ourselves. He is currently on a mission to elevate a generation to reach their full potential and live their best lives by removing the stigma around money and empowering others through knowledge, access, and community.

    The Smile University is part of The Smile Lifestyle Brands that include:

    Phroogal Financial Marketplace – discover, review, and access the best personal finance apps, banking produces, and investing tools.

    The Smile Money – offers insightful articles and personal financial stories centered on the 5 financial wellness pillars: manage, earn, grow, borrow, and protect.